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Name:Miss Mary Ellen Anderson
Hello, children! I am Miss Mary Ellen, and it is my goal to make the internet a happier place! Bullies and mean people make me very sad!

[sockpuppet for shipwar and fandomwar]

Interests (69):

animals, anti-bullies, anti-deathfic, anti-elitism, anti-fandomwank, anti-incest, anti-pornography, anti-sex jokes, anti-snobbery, anti-swearing, anti-violence, be nice now mittens, being annoying, being fair, being helpful, being nice, being overbearing, being polite, being prissy, being proper, being right, being sickeningly sweet, bliss ninny, butting in, caring, children, cleanliness, cliches, clouds, concrit is mean, dubs, eating meat is bad, fighting is bad, flowers, forcing people to be nice to each other, friends, giving everyone a chance, good manners, gordon is naughty, happy things, hugs, kindness, love, magic, maxie is mean, mean people are bad, misplaced kindergarten teacher, my little pony, net nannies, no mean people, peace, percival is mean, play nicely children, protecting lucy from meanies, sap, scolding missy, scolding people, shaking my finger, sharing, skipping, stop being mean, stuck in the 50s, tenderness, the care bears, time out, trisha is a bad girl, trying to help molly, trying to help syrius, vegetarianism
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